“It’s not hard, it’s just uncomfortable.”Ilisa Cappell said this to me this morning as we were discussing the future of edJEWcon and raising the bar on professional development. She was referring to the mind shift involved in being an information-age educator. It’s so true! My colleague Karin Hallett has this […]

Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

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In yoga, there is a famous quote, “Practice and all is coming.” The heart and soul of yoga is the practice. It’s about showing up on the mat, day in and day out, knowing that on some days everything flows, other days not so much. The yoga teacher’s job is to […]

Practice: The Heart & Soul of Learning

Karin Hallett and I run a parent/community education program at our school. We call it “Parent Connect” and it focuses on a variety of topics relate to the evolution of learning and literacy. Yesterday’s session topic was quality commenting. In preparation for the session, Karin worked with our 5th graders […]

Parent Connect: Quality Commenting

Last Sunday, edJEWcon hit the road to “Learn, Reflect, Share” at the Gross Schechter Day School in snowy Cleveland. A lot of learning took place, as well as some mostly “local” sharing via Twitter (hashtag #edjewcon), Today’s Meet and a shared Google doc during Silvia Tolisano’s brilliant keynote, The 5 C’s in […]

edJEWcon Cleveland: After-Thoughts

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Personalized learning is a hot topic in education right now, emerging as one of the “new forms” of the modern era. How could learning NOT get more personalized, what with all of the apps, devices, search engines, maker spaces, genius hours, contests, global projects and authentic opportunities for learning, prevalent […]

Personalized Learning: Will American Schools Ever Get There?

Recently I saw the fantastic movie Chef. I am not a big movie-person, but this was my kind of upbeat, feel-good movie (with a super-cute kid).I would have liked it no matter what, but it especially touched me because I really identified with the chef. He was passionate and creative, […]

3 Tips to Help You Survive as an Innovative Teacher

Use of The Daily 5 for literacy learning continues to evolve at my school. Like anything new, there are questions and concerns, pushback from various stakeholders. As a leader who brought the Daily 5 to the school and a teacher who believes in choice literacy and meeting the needs of […]

Daily 5: Implementation Checklist & Other Resources

We are very fortunate to have an amazing art teacher at our school, Shana Gutterman. There are many reasons why she is amazing, but one of the most easily noticeable is that she gets all of the kids to create impressive artwork. I have been able to observe her teaching […]

Mentor Sentences: Teaching Language as an Art

My simple reflection from the first week back in the classroom is this: Building a foundation for learning takes time. The pressure to “start _______ (fill in the blank yourself)” is great. And yet, in order for the learning community to function smoothly, the foundation must be carefully built. The […]

The 1st Week: Building a Foundation

This summer, my friend, Rina, and I decided to take weekly yoga “field trips.” I have been practicing yoga for….well, forever, and have practiced at the same studio for many years. As a result of taking a few classes this summer with new teachers in new places, I found myself […]

How Summer Yoga Inspires My Teaching