Welcome to my website

  • a place to share and reflect upon my learning
  • a hub for my digital handprint*
  • a sandbox to create and explore ideas

Life is for learning…and unlearning and relearning
As a lifelong learner, I am constantly growing and changing. That will be reflected here- in a portfolio that is always “under-construction.”

becoming- handstand

*Digital Handprints
When I started teaching [in the 1990’s,] my portfolio was in a notebook. I used tracings of my hand as an artistic element. That image stayed with me as I started creating a personal brand.

It wasn’t a conscious decision to have the hand become my representative icon, but eventually the meaning unfolded. A digital portfolio is a conscious catalog of a digital footprint. In my yoga practice,  I am trying to master a handstand. So, it makes sense that my digital footprint is a handprint.

My Teaching Portfolio from the 20th Century!

My Teaching Portfolio from the 20th Century!