Work With Me

I can help you, your school or organization as in a number of ways. Services I provide:

•individual and team coaching
•designing, upgrading and helping you create connected, meaningful professional development
•planning and implementation of connected learning platforms
•presentation upgrades

Why work with me? 

My experience is what I offer. These days, there is no shortage of educational consultants. It is a happy sign that so many educators are waking up to the need for us to deeply CHANGE the culture of schooling . 

Not only am I a visionary thinker, I am a classroom teacher and school leader. I have been instrumental in the change that has seen the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School go from highly traditional, one-size-fits-all educational environment to  evolving learning lab.

Many teachers are frustrated by professional development that offers visionary ideas but without understanding the challenges of real teaching. I humbly offer a balance between theory and practice. I have been there. I am there. And I know this CAN BE ACHIEVED.

Contact me with any inquiries. I look forward to talking!