About Me

You care about educating today’s students for tomorrow’s world, whatever that may look like.

You believe that learning is a lifestyle, learners should own their learning and creativity is so much more important than compliance. Your ideal school values authentic literacy, growth mindset for both teachers and students; and a culture of sharing and reflection. But you wonder if these ideas can really work with the many limitations posed by the institution of school.

YES! Classrooms can be places of creative, academic passion with teachers as lead-learners. Not only CAN classroom learning evolve, but it MUST. When teachers grow as learners and classroom environments reflect that learning, schools and society will evolve as well. In fact, I believe a positive future for our world depends, in large part, on the way we educate kids today.

I am Andrea Hernandez; my business card reads simply “Passionate Educator.” I help teachers and schools create the kinds of learning environments where people matter and learning is exciting and relevant. 

I’ve enjoyed (and am still enjoying) a long and winding career in education. My experience includes working with students, ages K through adult, authoring and facilitating online classes and  co-creating edJEWcon, a learning conference for Jewish day schools.

The overriding interest that drives my work is literacy. My purpose, whether working with tech tools, teachers, kids or any combination of these is to help students develop strong, integrated, independent literacy skills. I define literacy in the broadest sense, to include basic literacy as well as 21st century literacies.Andrea Hernandez

Currently,  I am exploring and documenting the use of student blogfolios as a platform for personalized learning and documentation of growth across subject areas.

My formal education includes a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technologies from San Francisco State’s ITEC program, where I continued to teach after earning my degree. I have also completed a coaching certification through the American School of Professional Life Coaching.

My informal education is ongoing. I learn daily through a mix of methods and in a variety of settings. These include working with students and teachers, reflecting, blogging, tweeting, collaborating, mistake-making, reading, creating and sharing.