It’s been such a long time since I have blogged here. There’s no time. I’m too busy planning, teaching, grading, blogging on my classroom blogs, responding to student blogs, and the email….don’t even get me started on the burden of the email!The more I don’t write, the more I have […]

School or Learning?

Karin Hallett and I run a parent/community education program at our school. We call it “Parent Connect” and it focuses on a variety of topics relate to the evolution of learning and literacy. Yesterday’s session topic was quality commenting. In preparation for the session, Karin worked with our 5th graders […]

Parent Connect: Quality Commenting

Last Sunday, edJEWcon hit the road to “Learn, Reflect, Share” at the Gross Schechter Day School in snowy Cleveland. A lot of learning took place, as well as some mostly “local” sharing via Twitter (hashtag #edjewcon), Today’s Meet and a shared Google doc during Silvia Tolisano’s brilliant keynote, The 5 C’s in […]

edJEWcon Cleveland: After-Thoughts