Andrea Hernandez



December 16, 2012
by Andrea H.


Welcome to my portfolio


-a place for me to share and reflect upon my learning

-a hub for my digital footprint*

– a sandbox where I can create and explore ideas.

Life is for learning…and unlearning and relearning

I hope that by exploring this site, you will get a feel for who I am as an educator. As a lifelong learner, I am constantly growing and changing. That will be reflected here- in a portfolio that is always “under-construction.”

A page from my original teaching portfolio

*Digital Handprints

When I started teaching in the early 1990’s, my portfolio was in a notebook. I used tracings of my hand as an artistic element because I liked the way it looked. That image found its way to my blog header and elsewhere as I started creating my personal brand.

It wasn’t a conscious decision to have the hand become my representative icon, but eventually the meaning unfolded. A digital portfolio is a “best-of” one’s digital footprint. In my yoga practice,  I am trying to master a handstand. So, it makes sense that my digital footprint is a handprint.

I welcome your feedback.  



December 15, 2012
by Andrea H.


7976332625_c43b23e076_oI have been a credentialed teacher since 1991. My experience includes working with students in grades K through University, as well as designing and providing professional development. I have authored and instructed online courses for teachers. My education includes a Masters degree in education with a concentration in instructional technologies.

I teach because I believe in the power of education as a force for positive change in the world.

I have been recognized as a Tech4Learning Innovative Educator and a Google Certified Teacher.

Currently, I work as Director of Teaching & Learning at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School in Jacksonville, FL.



December 15, 2012
by Andrea H.


I have been a leader in the field of educational technology since 2003.

Current Special Interests:

•Student-Centered Pedagogies
•Student Blogfolios
•Literacy- Reading, Writing and New Literacies

In addition to presenting at conferences, I co-created and organized the edJEWcon Conference for Jewish Day Schools.

I am a also a certified life coach and yoga teacher. These skills enhance my work as an instructional coach with groups and individuals.